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Maritime Reflective Sheeting DM1100

Maritime Reflective Sheeting DM1100

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Maritime Reflective Sheeting DM1100 from category  

DM1100 series of high intensity grade salvage lifesaving use adhesive
reflective sheeting is a reflecting material with micro glass beads of
high reflecting rate embedded a special layer.After this reflective
sheeting is applied to hard surface of other objects,its wearer or
itself is in high visibility under the sea night time as well as weak
light conditions.This kind of reflective sheeting is specially suitable
for salvage lifsaving kit,nowadays it is popular by relative personals
and organizations in many countries,furthermore,it is admissive
maritime use materiel by IMO and US COAST GUARD.

Type Color Standard value Test value Durability
High-Intensity Reflective Sheeting DM 1100 White 180 190 Seven years




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