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Reflective Sheeting DM1200

Reflective Sheeting DM1200

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Reflective Sheeting DM1200 from category  

DM1200 series of high intensity grade reflective sheeting is a
reflecting material with especially sealed performance and
weatherability which is compounded by reflecting unit consisting of
micro glass beads with special metal plating and macromolecular resin
by international advanced techonology.

Type Color Standard value Test value Durability


Reflective Sheeting

DM 1201 White 250 270 Ten years
DM 1202 Yellow 170 185
DM 1203Orange 120 125
DM1204  Red 45 50
DM 1205 Green 45 47
DM 1206 Blue 20 22
DM 1207 Brown 12 14





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