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Traffic light for temporary traffic organization C17

Traffic light for temporary traffic organization C17

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Traffic light for temporary traffic organization C17 from category  

To carry out the control over the one-way street for two-way traffic, two same central controllers are needed, which will control respectively a group of three-color signal lights i.e. red, yellow and green lights, and the two central controllers are in turn controlled respectively by the same microcomputer controller. The mutual monitoring exists for all these controllers which can adjust, control and manage the traffic signal equipment optionally according to the practical situations. The power for the two regulatory traffic lightcomes from the 12V battery.STANDARD FEATURES:
Power Supply 12V
Power of Light Max 25W (40W available upon request)
Min Time 5 S each color (lamp)
Max Time 9 Min & 50 S each color (lamp)
Timing Values 4 groups of completely independent timing values
Size 119x74x36 (Without connector)
Automatic Judging Lamp, batter and transistor
Protection Device Reverse polarity switch and electronic fuse
Program memory Permanent memory without power supply
Synchronous memory More than 10 min (battery connection not shorter than 5 min)



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