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Led road work light AD5007

Led road work light AD5007

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Led road work light AD5007 from category  


◆2 Sides
◆Red or yellow lens mm200
◆Ultra Bright LED ?5mm
◆14pcs LEDS (10pcs in circle around 2 in each center )
◆Three positions switch: On(day and light ),OFF/ON(only at night)
◆60 flashes/min,Red light is steady
◆For 6V H4R25 batteries (all positions )
◆Carriage handle
◆Battery life is 3 times longer than standard road lamp
◆Plastic base colour :light blue
◆Model with 3 positions switch: On(day and night),OFF/ON(only at night)
◆Single side
◆Yellow,red lens color
◆Rear metal hanger anti-theft



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