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``Employment for youths in`` AD Hold ``Ltd.``

Euro-Projects are funded by the Operational Programme ``Human Resources Development`` co-funded by the European Social Fund of the European Union Invest in Your Future Project ``Employment for youths in`` A. D. Hold ``Ltd.``

“For young unemployed In” AD Hold “Ltd.”
BPO projects implemented with the financial support of Operational Programme “Human Resources Development”, financed by the European Social Fund EUROPEAN UNION INVESTS IN YOUR FUTURE PROJECT “for young unemployed In” AD Hold “Ltd.”

Dimitar Petkov

Manager of the company. Performed by the company “AD Hold “Euro-Projects Ltd BG051PO001-1.1.13-0215” Employment for youths in “AD Hold “Ltd.” under a CCD № ESF-1113-03-02011, from 07. 03. 2014, worth 292 627.96 lev funded scheme to provide grant “New work “on” Development of human resources “, through the European Social fondpriklyuchva successfully on October 31, 2015 It was reported before attending the second final press conference within the project.

The press conference was held on 16 October in the town. Sofia. Representatives of the beneficiary, the press working in the field of human resources, training providers, outsourcing project and employers. Attendees were introduced to the implementation of project activities and results that are achieved.

The team shared its experience in addressing the challenges and difficulties that have accompanied the implementation of activities, mostly associated with the formation of the target group and retention of young people at work. Reported results were as follows:

– 20 young people successfully completed training for acquiring professional qualification;
– 20 young people trained in digital competence;
– 20 young people involved in employment for a period of one year;
– Furnished and equipped with modern equipment 20 new jobs;
– Made and gained access to public materials to promote the project, OP “HRD” and the support from the ESF.
europrojectsadholdUspeshnata realization of the project has had a positive impact on the target group by providing employment to the selected beneficiaries of the project after a pass training and acquire professional qualifications and key competences of specially equipped workplace. Representatives of the target group received knowledge and skills that contribute to the acquisition of new professional and key competency, which is a prerequisite for inclusion in the permanent employment with which you can achieve higher income from their work, to motivate them permanently continuous training as a prerequisite for a higher standard of living. The involvement of youth in project activities will enhance their future opportunities and will give them greater confidence and opportunities for sustainable integration in the labor market.

The implementation of the Euro-Projects had a positive impact on the beneficiary by providing staffing resulted in an increase of capacity expansion and increasing the competitiveness of the company “A. D. Hold “LTD.

This publication has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Social Fund. Beneficiary “A. D. Hold “Ltd. solely responsible for the content of this publication and under no circumstances can be considered as an official position of the European Union or the Employment Agency.

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